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JSC Plantas can offer standard as well as nonstandard wooden pallets, adjusted to customer’s special requirements. Our specialists will consult and help to choose optimal construction of wooden pallet.

Wooden pallets are produced from leafy or conifer wood. Pallets can be dried in drying chambers, heat treated (HT, ISPM-15 standard). Wooden pallets can also be processed with special scentless and colourless solution, which protects products from mould and changing of colour. Pallets can be marked with special marks or customer’s logo.

wooden_pallets2Quality of pallets is strictly controlled at every stage of production process, in order to ensure that construction of pallets and quality of wood exactly corresponds to customer’s specifications.

We deliver our products to our clients by motor transport (usual trucks, jumbos, reefers) and vessels. We can deliver goods to any country in the world.

Below You can see the specifications of our most often produced pallets. If You won’t find here  any suitable ones, we would like to accentuate that we can produce any wooden pallet according to Your specification and quality requirements: 

Name Size, mm Height, mm Drawing PDF
Pallet F1 1000 x 1200 138 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F2 800 x 1200 126 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F3 1000 x 1200 133 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F4 960 x 1150 132 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F5 1100 x 1120 132 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F6 800 x 1200 132 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F7 1100 x 1100 135 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F8 900 x 1100 129 applications pdf-icon
Pallet F9 1200 x 1000 141 applications pdf-icon
Pallet CP1 1000 x 1200 138 applications pdf-icon
Pallet CP2 800 x 1200 138 applications pdf-icon
Pallet CP3 1140 x 1140 138 applications pdf-icon

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